Mini Rant #2

The most interesting thing happened today. It all started with me making the usual self serve, ready made popcorn. We have the kind that has the popper in the glass case and the fresh buttery popcorn pushes its way out from under the lid of the little kettle.

I had just turned the heating element off from the batch I made and prepared a fresh bucket and gone back behind the counter. A young lady comes in and exclaims, “Oh! Popcorn!” Delighted that she was going to grab one of the tubs, I look to to see her digging her hand into the bottom of the batch that sits in the case.

Um, excuse me? GROSS! Who does that and why? Are you aware that your hands are NOT clean? I really don’t care if you sanitized them out at your car because you just touched the door to the store that every other dirty bird touched when they came in. And I’m sorry, but you don’t see what kind of hands come in through that door! A lot of men stop in after their very laborious (and dirty) job and pay me with their gray (or whatever colored) hands. While I admire their hard work, I doubt that they have access to a sink at work. Oh did I say the most interesting thing happened? I meant disgusting. Sorry lady but please, have a little respect. Besides the germs, you’re stealing.

I really hope you get sick  wish you just bought your own!

Have a nice day!





Mini Rant #1: Dirty Money

Every so often at our humble little gas station we see some commonly odd money. Often dirty or wet bills. Perhaps a drawing, a stamp, and most common and less odd, a rip. As long  as both serial numbers are on the bill the bank will accept them, and so do we. Its not entirely uncommon for someone to ask whether we have tape for a completely split or near split bill.

I had a customer come in today with such a bill. Ripped straight through the middle hanging on by less then 1/4″. Of course I was more then happy to help the guy out. I’m a bit picky so I started taping the bill myself. He didn’t seem to mind or care and says its for pump whichever. I stop just before I tape it and run the transaction so he can go pump his gas and not have to sit and watch me taping the bill. He walks out just as I finished setting up the prepaid pump and I’m finally ready to put this piece of tape I’ve stuck to my finger now on the bill. One side of the rip has a slight curl that as I attempt to smooth it out and perfectly place and align both sides, a trail of white powder is lingering in the curl!! Since I had already rub my finger in it I rubbed my fingers together. Yep, cocaine! I wiped the bill off, taped it and threw it in the draw and washed my hands.

So I’d like to just end this with an actual rant… So seriously?? You just walked up to my counter with a bill that you not only covered in coke BUT you also had shoved up your (and whoever else’s!) nose. Haven’t you heard of a straw? Do you know where that money has been?! And you just put it in your nose? Did you know your mouth isn’t the only place that can acquire germs? OK so let’s say you think you’re some kinda badass snorting your coke with a $5 bill…  At what point of deciding to spend this piece of paraphernalia did you not think to at least give it a quick rub across you pants? There was enough that I could have sniffed the stowaway right off of the bill! And was the rip part of some terrible coke snorting accident? Or were you THAT hard up for a small tube suddenly the ripped five in your piggy bank seemed appealing?

OK! OK! OK! I’m done… But seriously don’t do that again! Especially when you walk inside still wearing your shades and its very overcast outside. Just sayin’….

Have a nice day!

Hot Commode-ities

Ask any employee what our best selling item is, besides gas, and we’re likely say the bathroom. Or beer.

No we don’t actually charge people to use the restroom. Nor do we expect people to buy anything just for using the loo. But! If we did, we’d be rolling in money. Like Uncle Scrooge in Duck Tales.

It so happens one particular day that a friend of Cherry’s mentioned that an elderly lady seemingly attempted to break down the bathroom door while they were using it. This woman practically plowed Cherry’s friend over upon opening the door.

Cherry explained all this to a few of us shortly after the woman and her husband left. I had asked her if she checked the bathroom… A bit wide eyed she said no. I looked at Dempsey who made a “not it” expression. Cherry was kind and checked.. Poor thing.

Apparently this poor lady lost her bowels. Not only was it hanging inside and out of the toilet, it was on the floor and walls. My question always has been, and always will be, when a person makes that sort of a mess how can they just walk away?! I’d be mortified if someone had to clean that for me! We all joked about slapping an “Out of Order” sign on the door and leaving it for the night manager. After all, he was showing up in 30 minutes!

I’m not exactly ashamed to admit that I never did investigate the scene of the… incident. I could tell by Cherry’s expression that it was quite stomach churning. I always pride myself in having an iron stomach but I didn’t feel like pushing it. So with Mrs. Nope and Mr. Not It, sweet dear Cherry tidied up our one and only working restroom. I, for one, being so grateful I could have kissed her!

So out of curiosity, what would you have done if you had exploded in a public restroom? For those of you that say, “its your job!!” try thinking of it this way…. What if you were a guest at a friends house and did that… Is that “their job”? And no I see no difference. Because nearly all of us at work treat everyone that walks in as if they’re are a friend. And that’s not out of obligation because, overall, were friendly people.

Hope you enjoyed, and

Have A Nice Day!


“Is that all for today?” 

“Can I get you anything else?”

“That will be…$$.”

And of course….

“Have a nice day!”

As clerks, we are required to be nice and polite. Regardless. I personally try to give people the benefit of the doubt… I don’t know them and what they’re going through. But honestly… Some people are downright…people.

This may sound strange but I LOVE working at a gas station! You have regulars that you look forward to seeing, and to keep balance, some you’re not so thrilled to see. You meet all kinds of people. With our location we get lots of tourist. With that you become a stationary tour guide, giving directions for your town and the next four. Very often these interactions turn into very interesting conversations. Not a day at the store goes by without some intriguing happenings.

My coworkers and I hope you enjoy these stories of our daily lives at work! I’m pretty sure most will make you laugh, some leave you scratching your head and maybe few will warm your heart and restore your faith in mankind. Please enjoy and…

Have a Nice Day!!