Meet the Gas Station Staff!

Some of us have been here for many years, others just barely through the door. Here’s a quick introduction to some of us that you’ll be hearing about quite a bit.

Vash-  Easy going, unphaseable, strong moral individual with a deep love for Asian culture. Loves to travel.

Cherry- The most genuine, loving, caring and non judgemental person you will ever meet yet an introverted personality. Also the best kind of strange to laugh and have fun with.

Murray- Older guy with a very low filter. Tends to say things that some might consider inappropriate or rude. Loves animals! Buys every dog that comes by a treat. Better with animals then people. But is actually one of the nicest people you will ever meet.

Dempsey- Overall nice guy, a bit on the quite side until you get to know him. A soccer loving fanatic! Always wearing a soccer themed shirt. Also coaches youth soccer.

NIGHT MAN- Our night manager. Loves wrestling and has a good sense of humor. Will totally help you in a fix!

Vovo- The crazy yahoo that likes to write these posts.



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