Mini Rant #2

The most interesting thing happened today. It all started with me making the usual self serve, ready made popcorn. We have the kind that has the popper in the glass case and the fresh buttery popcorn pushes its way out from under the lid of the little kettle.

I had just turned the heating element off from the batch I made and prepared a fresh bucket and gone back behind the counter. A young lady comes in and exclaims, “Oh! Popcorn!” Delighted that she was going to grab one of the tubs, I look to to see her digging her hand into the bottom of the batch that sits in the case.

Um, excuse me? GROSS! Who does that and why? Are you aware that your hands are NOT clean? I really don’t care if you sanitized them out at your car because you just touched the door to the store that every other dirty bird touched when they came in. And I’m sorry, but you don’t see what kind of hands come in through that door! A lot of men stop in after their very laborious (and dirty) job and pay me with their gray (or whatever colored) hands. While I admire their hard work, I doubt that they have access to a sink at work. Oh did I say the most interesting thing happened? I meant disgusting. Sorry lady but please, have a little respect. Besides the germs, you’re stealing.

I really hope you get sick  wish you just bought your own!

Have a nice day!





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