“Is that all for today?” 

“Can I get you anything else?”

“That will be…$$.”

And of course….

“Have a nice day!”

As clerks, we are required to be nice and polite. Regardless. I personally try to give people the benefit of the doubt… I don’t know them and what they’re going through. But honestly… Some people are downright…people.

This may sound strange but I LOVE working at a gas station! You have regulars that you look forward to seeing, and to keep balance, some you’re not so thrilled to see. You meet all kinds of people. With our location we get lots of tourist. With that you become a stationary tour guide, giving directions for your town and the next four. Very often these interactions turn into very interesting conversations. Not a day at the store goes by without some intriguing happenings.

My coworkers and I hope you enjoy these stories of our daily lives at work! I’m pretty sure most will make you laugh, some leave you scratching your head and maybe few will warm your heart and restore your faith in mankind. Please enjoy and…

Have a Nice Day!!


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